‘TUBE TUBE’ News News

We’re up to episode 6 of ‘TUBE TUBE‘, which is the first episode of the series that I didn’t direct.  This time stellar producer Omar Kenawi took the reigns while I watched, supposedly being a producer but not really doing much.

The series has been more successful in its nascency than I expected, getting 10,000 views in its first week, and then a steady flow of around 130 views per day.  As we add more episodes, that rate increases, which I understand is the way of things on YouTube.

We’ve shot (and I’ve directed) another episode and, as I write, we have another to film this evening, one next week, another (hopefully) the week after that, and another the week after that.  I’m no longer going to post unreleased ones here, but will update with new episodes as they go public.  Thanks for watching so far!