Watch ‘SELFIE’ now

You can now watch my short film ‘SELFIE’ online:


At its premiere in Brighton last night I ran off a list of thank-yous which I will repeat here!

Thanks first and foremost to my brilliant crew, in particular DoP Chris O’Driscoll on whose shoulders the film rests in more ways than one; Rose Wickstead, our fabulous casting director and Adam and Johnny our composers (here they are on Twitter), who put up with my changeable demands and requirements through post.

Then there’s our young cast, Jasmine and Tom, who brought depth and heart to their roles through our unconventional but rewarding rehearsal process.

Big thanks, too, to Lighthouse for embracing the idea of a companion film, and to the BFI.

Finally, the biggest thanks of all goes to Stephen Fingleton, director of ‘SLR‘, who showed us kindness and trust at every stage of the process, and let me put my own, slightly more emo twist on his film’s world.